About Off Duty Services

Law enforcement officers have been working off duty security assignments for almost as long as there have been police officers.  Over the years, many companies have come to depend heavily on the availability of off duty cops to augment their security needs throughout the United States.  Almost without exception, these off duty police officers were employed directly by the companies that needed the service.  These relationships presented unique issues for the companies, as well as the police officers hired by the companies.  To address the issues for both the companies and police officers, Brett and Sherry Rowley started Off Duty Services (ODS) in 2002.

Off Duty Services offers a unique service that provides quality police officer selection, supervision and a single point of contact available 24 hours a day. We manage all police officer payroll related issues, scheduling, after-hours emergencies and provide a single invoice for each billing period. We also provide general liability insurance and Workers’ compensation coverage for all our police officers minimizing the client’s exposure to liability. 

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